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Here’s an interesting post by Templified. It’s called WP Compass, WordPress vCard and Personal Resume Theme and it’s all about vCard.

WP Compass is a modern blog and vCard theme that also offers a great way to build a personal portfolio. This is a beautiful and responsive single page WordPress theme with a simple design and elaborate features. It allows you to present your vCard or resume in a unique and fresh way, putting it in the best possible light. Not all users of vCard themes are going to be experts WordPress, that’s why this theme was Bill and documented for beginners. Even novice WordPress users can make great use of this template. This is an SEO friendly and responsive WordPress theme that uses just one single page to develop a really impactful resume. Your resume is created internally, perfectly formatted to fit V theme. You won’t have to upload a PDF or struggle to get your formatting correct. Just add some thumbnails, fill out your content areas and your experience, skills and goals are all perfectly outlined in whatever format you choose. You can even pick custom color options to achieve a really neat look for your website.

Here’s a look at WP Compass.

Sonny T WordPress vCard Themes

I never really noticed it before, but this theme has been around for almost 5 years. That’s quite a while in WordPress years, so it might not be the world’s most up-to-date template. If you’d like to see more options for building a great resume, have a look at our collection. We found dozens of great themes that really fit the bill. I think that in that collection, you should be able to find plenty of different options that might work for your needs.

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