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Here’s an interesting post by Templified. It’s called Utouch, WordPress Multipurpose Startup Theme for Digital Technology and it’s all about Multipurpose, Startups.

If you’ve been searching for a high quality WordPress theme to help promote your startup company, a design firm or other online business, the Utouch WordPress theme could fit the bill.  This theme is trendy, it’s well designed and it’s got plenty of high quality features that make for a great user experience on the front and back end.

Designs like this one are really trending on WordPress and it’s easy to see why, the flat and beautiful style lends itself to a wide variety of purposes. There’s no need to compromise with your branding, this theme is truly multi-purpose and it can be styled to look just like you want your website to look.

Here’s the first Glimpse at what is possible with the utouch WordPress theme, ideal for it companies, startups, corporate businesses kind of digital technology providers and Service as a software agencies.

UTouch, WordPress Digital Technology Theme and Business Theme

This template has been sold over 500 times and is racked up nearly perfect 4.86 rating. Impressive to say the least. There’s a lot of reasons why, I believe that the customer support is probably the most commonly cited reason for a perfect 5-star rating, while the flexibility and design quality is equally well loved by purchasers of this template.

Considering how much competition there is out there for startup tech companies, it firms and online marketing businesses, a breathtaking design like the one provided by this team is a great Head Start. If you want a flexible design that can be customized to perfectly fit your needs, this I catching and astounding design is an elegant way to get started. For any sort of software company, businesses of All Sorts as well as startups, the powerful King composer is an easy way to build your website. Responsive design is built right into the king of Bowser plug in and it can turn your website into a powerful, mobile-friendly Powerhouse that will look great on all devices. If you run into trouble, which you probably want, the support and documentation or extensive. I think this is a high-quality theme and certainly well worth considering.

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