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Here’s an interesting post by Templified. It’s called TrueShoes, WordPress WooCommerce Powered Shoe Store and it’s all about Fashion, Shoes, WooCommerce.

Selling shoes online, it’s quite a lucrative niche, and a WordPress theme like TrueShoes shoe store is a great way to get started.

Shoes are a huge business, sneakerheads are seemingly everywhere. And when they’re looking for a new pair of shoes, or a retro throwback pair, the visual presentation of your website can be a critical component of making a sale. There are certain shoes out there that can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars, so having a reputable looking website that instills confidence is quite important. Nobody’s looking to get ripped off here.

Here’s a good look at TrueShoes home page, as you could see it works just as well for shoes as it does for clothing and apparel. The choice is really yours, it’s a flexible enough woocommerce theme to work for a wide variety of purposes, though I believe shoe stores are really the core of its strength.

TrueShoes WordPress Responsive WooCommerce Theme

In terms of features and flexibility, TrueShoes simply can’t be matched. His name is powerful, flexible, modern and responsive. It’s trendy and fashionable, the sweet and Elegant Style is matched only by its powerful set features. TrueShoes and bodies a design sensibility that is both modern and classic at the same time. With WooCommerce and visual composer, there’s no type of clothing boutique, shoe store, sports apparel website or running shoes store that you can’t create with ease.

Uh oh.

There’s a grasshopper in my office. That has nothing to do with shoes, but it is a fact. I need to deal with this. I’ll be back in a second.

Okay, crisis averted, I caught that grasshopper in my hat and took him outside where, with a little encouragement, he flew into a blueberry bush. Of course, before that, he stopped off on my shoulder, perhaps to say thanks. I’m not sure grasshoppers really think like that, but that’s what I like to think he was thinking. Hopefully he didn’t leave any unwanted messages, but that’s the price you pay trying to save a grasshoppers life.

I think it may have been a fork tailed Katydid.  Pretty cool, right?

Too bad they don’t wear shoes.

Anyway, back to TrueShoes, I think it’s a really fantastic WordPress theme for shoe stores because it blends powerful features and wonderful WordPress design in one slick little package. Let us know what you think and we’ll be back with many more WordPress themes soon.

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