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Here’s an interesting post by Templified. It’s called Mingle, Simple BuddyPress Magazine and Community Theme and it’s all about BuddyPress.

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Get your mingle on with this highly focused, well designed BuddyPress community builder theme for WordPress.  Mingle is a theme I’ve personally used on a web building project in the past, so I can personally attest to the fact that it’s easy to set up and it’s got all the functionality you could possibly use to create a BuddyPress community.  (Mine was about BBQ…mmmm….BBQ…)

Anyway, Mingle is still going strong a few years later and it might be just what you need to set up your own community based around anything you want.

Here’s a look at Mingle’s blog page.  I like the simple, boxed layout.  It may feel old school or retro, and it is since this theme was made in 2011, but this theme is still going strong.  There’s a reason some designs and some WordPress themes really stand the test of time.  This is one of those themes.

Mingle blog

And the corresponding blog settings page.

Blog Settings Mingle

Here’s a portfolio sample.

Mingle Portfolio

Just a peek, no need to get nutty with the images.  So, what does Mingle accomplish?  Tons.

With a hefty price tag of $79 a pop, it better deliver the good stuff.  Aside from the general ‘BuddyPress lets you build a community’ aspect, Mingle gives you absolute control over your website, which is a nice problem to have.  There’s a drag and drop layout manager that lets you get that task done.  Attach custom headers and footers for more design flexibility.    Did I mention that Mingle is 100% GPL?  Well, I did now.

Mingle provides you a fully functioning contact form builder and the entire theme has an unbranded ‘white label’ admin panel so it’s great for developers who want to take Mingle and make it something a little different.  It’s got a great sidebar generator, the code is immaculate (it should be after years of updates and bug-fixes).

More than just a simple BuddyPress and bbPress ready theme, Mingle is an entire framework that lets you build a solid, feature-packed community.  What kind of community will you build with Mingle?  I can tell you this, there’s room for another BBQ community, I ditched the idea years ago.

Click Here.

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