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Here’s an interesting post by Templified. It’s called Gittys, Beautiful and Simple WordPress Wedding Theme and it’s all about Wedding, WooCommerce.

Welcome to the world of Gittys.  This name, Gittys, it sort of always reminded me of Jake Gittes in Chinatown.  A real gumshoe, you know?  But this theme is nothing like that, it’s a WordPress wedding template, built for beauty and style.  It definitely doesn’t have a huge cut on it’s nose.

Here’s one alluring image of how the front page will look.Gittys WordPress Wedding Themes

A second look.

Gittys WordPress Wedding Theme Feminine

And hey, why not, one more look.

Gittys WordPress Wedding Theme MultiPurpose

So, clearly this is a nice looking, attractive, somewhat feminine theme, right?  I’d say so for sure.  The theme’s developer, BigNet, has this to say about Gittys.

Gittys is a Wedding Event WordPress Theme. It’s super simple. It has a responsive design meaning your content will be displayed beautifully on all mobile devices.

Straight to the point, I like that.

Gittys has received a relatively low 3.72 rating.  Hmmm…there are definitely some concerns there.  Looking through the comments on this template, it would appear that the support isn’t all it should be.  One customer has this to say.

This is far from the only reason I want a refund, but this is not even described in the description of the theme. The site glitches every time I go my url, blinking multiple pictures on the home screen. I’ve tried to set up my menu the way I want it but for some reason it will not display it the way I’ve instructed it to. I’ve deleted it all and had it re-uploaded and now my home page is a blank blog screen and looks nothing like the one in the sample. This theme has caused me nothing but frustration. My brother who is highly trained in web design also agrees that the theme is flawed and I need to receive a refund. I demand a refund.

Not good.  Not good indeed.  Guy’s gonna get his brother on the case, that’s how you know something has spun off the rails.

On to the features, Gittys is WooCommerce ready, which may seem odd for a wedding theme, though I’ve seen it used as a portfolio.  You know, hey, the guy in the quote up above there was using it as a photography portfolio until he decided he and his brother hated the theme.  So, it would make sense to offer WooCommerce.

Gittys is also bbPress and BuddyPress ready, it’s optimized for SEO, totally responsive and it appears to be easily customized using the built in WordPress theme customizer.  So, it’s got some stuff going for it.  But I’m not going to lie, I’m more than a little concerned about that support and the seeming code issues with the Gittys theme.  I’m afraid all this coming together like this, I’m not really going to recommend this theme for anyone.

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