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Here’s an interesting post by Templified. It’s called FinExGroup Business and Finance WordPress Theme and it’s all about Business, Finance.

FinexGroup Business WordPress Theme for Financial Companies

I love WordPress themes that allow you to use your website as a sort of business card. Now, this theme is not exactly a vCard or resume theme, though you can choose to use it in that manner. This template allows you to stand out from your competition, your Rivals are trying to find the same readers you are, so growing your business requires an amazing WordPress theme. This natural and exuberant business theme administers an amazing user experience for all who visit your website. You’ll find plenty of pre-made Pages included, a team page as well as an about us page, image galleries, contact Pages, Partners, services and so on and so forth.

This template offers an amazingly well-designed homepage, it’s perfectly responsive and it adapts to all screen sizes. New website to fit perfectly, the process is incredibly fast. No matter what type of website you’re setting up, this template can really help you get the most for your money. There are over 100 HTML Pages included, this theme is perfectly responsive as I mentioned, the code is based on bootstrap 3, one of the finest code bases around. Bootstrap based themes 10 to load fast and that works great for SEO. Includes free fonts, free icon sets, and tons of PHP. The code is valid and well-organized and.

If this thing doesn’t perfectly fit with your company’s needs, we’ve developed a massive collection of other finance and WordPress business templates that might do the trick. We try to go out and grab tons of desperate looking themes that are all high-quality and feature-packed. That way, you’ll always have something to enjoy on all of our WordPress theme collection pages.  There are so many WordPress themes out there, it can at times be a painful and grueling task to find one that perfectly fits your needs. That’s why our collections are so extensive and we try to gather templates from all over the internet, from as many different theme developers as we can. With A continuous fresh supply of new themes, our collections are some of the very best out there and hopefully, even if this Seem doesn’t work out for you, one of the ones in those collections will. If you see a WordPress theme out there that we’ve missed, please drop us a line and let us know all about it. Will be happy to add it to our collections in the near future.

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