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Here’s an interesting post by Templified. It’s called Duality Split Screen WordPress Blog Theme and it’s all about Blog, Tesla Themes.

This is WordPress theme with a cool split down the middle Style. This is no Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, this theme is the good kind of dual. It’s not even the fun kind where Aaron Burr shot at Alexander Hamilton. Isn’t that crazy, he was the vice president of the United States, and he got into a duel with another guy. Can you imagine that? Anyway, go see the musical Hamilton, it’s great.

So, back to this WordPress theme, Duality is a template created by Tesla Themes, a theme developer that I’ve always enjoyed. The attention to detail on all of their templates is incredibly high, this team has a custom-built slider, at Team page as well as Services Pages, portfolio, blog, pricing pages and a full-featured contact us page. If you want a unique layout for your website, this split screen style is a striking way to develop impact as your visitors come to your website.

You can create an incredibly modern and stylish layout that is very image-centric and easy to navigate. Highly visual WordPress themes off and get visitors to stay longer on the website, because they become so engaged with the content, they find it difficult to look away. I’m not sure that that’s the case with Duality, but I’m leaning toward the fact that it’s a strong likelihood.

Duality Split Frame wordpress theme

The fact of the matter is, this team might not be perfect for everyone. This theme has such a highly unique style, it’s completely individualized and that means that it’s probably going to be a fairly niche market. Of course, the theme has been sold well over 3000 times so far, so perhaps I’m wrong. But, it’s not for everybody. That much is a fact. So, we’ve created another strong collection of personal blog WordPress themes that might be of interest to you.

We find all of the very best personal blog templates and review them for quality, making sure that each and everyone is as good as it can be. If we include a theme in our collection, we back at 100% And Believe for any purpose. If you happen to use The Duality WordPress theme, we’d love to hear about it. Please drop us a line and let us know how you feel about this template, how easy it is used and what you would do to improve it. We’re always looking to make our theme collections better and better, and your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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