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Here’s an interesting post by Templified. It’s called Cretox, WordPress Multipurpose Portfolio, Minimal Style Theme and it’s all about Minimalist, Multipurpose.

The Cretox WordPress theme is a minimal style, multipurpose business and portfolio theme that makes your posts and pages look incredible.

Cretox, I’m not really sure what that supposed to mean, I really don’t think it means anything. That’s okay, not everything has to mean something, even though WordPress themes title. As it turns out, there is a product called Cretox, it’s a concrete panel, or cement panel with an ultra lightweight, natural concrete look and it’s a hundred percent natural. Now you know.

All this time, I thought it was an ox from Crete. Anyway, here’s a look at the front page of this simple, multi-purpose business template.

Cretox, Minimal Portfolio for Multipurpose Sites

This is a modern, unique and creative WordPress theme with a clean layout and An Elegant Style. It’s made to be i kitchen, a little different from the typical work a day WordPress themes that you might be normally used to. It all helps to build a beautiful and impressive portfolio, and pressing your audience and wowing your visitors. For corporate websites, creative companies, web designers and online marketers, not to mention photographers or nonprofit organizations, this team has proven to be a real winner.

If you’d like to have a look at more great-looking WordPress minimalist themes that are built for multi-purpose websites, we’ve built a large collection that we love to introduce you to. We keep adding to all of our themes constantly and we want to keep them as fresh and relevant as possible, so you don’t have to struggle to find the perfect web template, no matter what your needs are. If you see another great theme out there that we have not chosen for our collection, please let us know, we’ll be sure to add it as soon as we possibly can.

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