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Here’s an interesting post by Templified. It’s called Coup WordPress Political Campaign Theme and it’s all about Political, Tesla Themes.

Coup is an interesting choice of names for a political WordPress team. A lot of times, we think of a Coup is being negative thing. In fact, it’s almost always a negative thing.

A Coup is a sudden, violent and illegal seizure of power from a government. Think of coup d’etat. It’s all about overthrowing the government. While sometimes we might agree with that sentiment, naming your WordPress political theme Coup in honor of such a violent military action, that’s an interesting choice. But, say what you want, that’s exactly what Tesla Themes has named this political theme.

This template has a clean and professional style, I think it can do a great job of putting your best foot forward, helping to make you look as professional as possible. You’ll be able to highlight your experiences, your positions on various platforms, you’ll let the world know all about what you believe and what you have to offer. There’s even an e-commerce section so that you can sell swag, t-shirts and cups, bumper stickers and other tchotchkes that people might want to purchase. I think the typography is quite professional and lay out it is very nice. Political themes often need a high level of social integration, Coup certainly delivers that. The same is optimized for fast loading times, it’s reasonably priced and I think it could be a fine solution for those of you needing a political related web template.

Let’s have a book at the front page of the Coup WordPress theme.

Coup WordPress Political Candidates Theme

Nice, right? It really lays out all the information that you’re going to want to present very quickly. With as busy as people are, having an easy to navigate WordPress theme, particularly for a political candidate, it’s more important than ever. People don’t want to spend hours scouring through your website to find out what your position is on a certain topic. You want to present it right up front so that people can make an informed decision. That’s what this theme is all about, presenting your points of view and professional and stylish manner that it is user-friendly. With a theme like this one, it’s set it and forget it. Once you put your content online, there will be very little maintenance that needs to be done, that’s very comforting for a busy candidate.

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