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Here’s an interesting post by Templified. It’s called Cluster, Bold WordPress Gutenberg Blog Theme and it’s all about Blog, Gutenberg.

Cluster WordPress Theme

Be bold and enjoy life, that’s the tagline with the cluster WordPress theme. This theme advertises itself as a bold and flat, creative and well coded theme. Looks like it to me, it’s been downloaded nearly a thousand times and it’s got a 4.67 rating. That makes it quite popular and quiet well-loved. This theme, created by Codestag, is clean and flat, Gutenberg friendly and minimalist. For modern portfolios, you could do a whole lot worse than this outstanding template. I just perused some of the reviews for cluster and it looks like they really call out the design quality for its bold and user-friendly nature. This thing has been around for nearly 5 years, but it’s still going strong and I see no reason why this thing won’t be around for quite a bit longer.

We’ve gathered up quite a number of WordPress blog templates that you might be interested in, just in case cluster is not the right thing for you. We take pride in assembling only the very best WordPress themes around and we review each of them to make sure the quality is as good as the design. If you see a personal blog WordPress theme in our collection, you can be certain that it’s a high-quality, well-designed and well-supported template. Running a Blog can be difficult, so you will want the right tools to help you get the job done with ease. Anything that can save you time, can save you money. That’s what these WordPress means are all about and that’s why we only provide reviews for the absolute best themes on the market.

Thanks for reading and will be back with more amazing WordPress themes in the very near future. Hey, do us a favor and keep your eye peeled for more great Gutenberg WordPress themes, we’d love to add to our collection and we would love to know if you run into a Gutenberg WordPress theme that is particularly strong. Thanks for listening, check back soon.

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