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We’re on the Move to a New Headquarters – Templified

Well, I’m back with a little bit of a message for those few of you who seem to care about this website. These days, I find that I don’t have all the time that I need to do things the right way 100% of the time. I found it more and more difficult to do things the right way, I’ve ended up taking some shortcuts and it hasn’t been good for any of the websites have been working on recently. so, I have decided to consolidate my efforts to one particular website, hoping that this can be successful. The site in question is called a Templified, and it is going to be the only place that I create any sort of WordPress related content.

so, if you are looking for a great-looking WordPress theme, that is going to be the place to head to. I’ve got theme collections built for a wide variety of different types of websites. Hopefully, you’ll find exactly what you need in one of those collections. I’ve decided to leave this site up and not redirect it, I’ve experimented with that in the past and it has failed miserably. I have no idea what Google wants these days, redirection didn’t seem to do the trick though. so, for those poor lost souls who find themselves on this site, you should certainly head over to our new collection of templates.

we’ve got all the greatest hits out there. If you’re looking for a theme to showcase video content, we’ve got a great collection for you to peruse. If you’re selling products, WooCommerce is a great solution and one that I think is going to be more and more effective as time goes on. WooCommerce is a fabulous platform for selling products and that means that, since it’s free, all you need is a great-looking theme to get your business off the ground.

For those of you who want a very simple looking website, check out the minimalist themes that we have gathered up. They’re a great place to find clean, wholesome, modern and simple websites that work for any type of blog or business. Speaking of blogs, the personal themes collection is a great one for people who want to blog about just about anything. If you’re lifestyle blogger, a food blogger or a travel blogger, those things are going to be an ideal place to get a great-looking template to share your content with the world.

There are themes with specialized layouts like these grid themes, themes for magazines and even a big selection of GPL licensed WordPress themes to keep things interesting.

I think you’re going to find something to love in one of these collections.

Of course, there are tons of different themes out there and we only select the absolute best to make sure that your site has a lot of different options to choose from. keep in mind, all of these themes are perfectly responsive, easy to edit and very flexible. You can add new features as you see fit and that keeps WordPress incredibly fresh. It’s the best and most popular content management system for good reason. WordPress has thousands upon thousands of different templates that you can choose from to make your site a smashing success.

We are really excited to keep offering you the very best WordPress themes we can find.  Hopefully, you stop on by and see what all we have to offer.

Hopefully, one of these collections will help you to build the website you have in your mind’s eye. we will continue to add to those collections, ensuring that each and every theme that we deliver is high-quality and user-friendly. Delivering a great user experience is what it’s all about. So, that’s all for now, and probably forever. We will most likely not be back in the future, so head over to Templified to find exactly what you need for your website.

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