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These days, it’s easier than ever to create a high-quality podcast. Right there in your hand, with your smartphone, you’ve got as much movie studio as you need to create an entire feature film if you wanted to. And with the high fidelity sound recordings that can be made, you’ve got pretty much every tool you need to set up a podcasting website. But, the only thing you’re lacking is a high-quality WordPress theme that is built to handle podcasts.

More and more people are creating podcasts every day and that means more and more people are listening to podcasts or watching video podcasts every day. Podcasts are a great way to start your very own little broadcasting empire. If you have a business, they can help to grow your brand and it will definitely help you connect with your target audience and find new listeners. In this collection of podcasting themes, you’re going to find the absolute best pre-made templates to help get that process started quickly and easily.

That’s where this collection comes in. We have scooped up a whole bunch of fantastic podcasting WordPress themes that again help provide you the perfect platform to share your content with the world. The podcasting themes we have chosen are all high-quality, packed with features, they are all totally flexible and can be used for both audio and video podcasts.  There are a lot of different designs included here, so it doesn’t matter so much what your podcast’s topic is, there’s a design out there perfect for you.

We have tried to select themes that work perfectly with all of the most popular page building tools to give you full layout control for your podcasting website. There’s a lot that goes into these themes and a lot of features are included that should be quite helpful for you. So hopefully, you find plenty of outstanding templates in his collection to help you share your podcast with the world.


vLog WordPress Video Blog and Podcasting Theme

Vlog is an absolute classic, it’s one of the best video blog and podcasting combination themes out there. It has a very strong focus on videography and it does everything that it needs to present relatively complex content plainly and simply. Thanks to the modern and sophisticated layouts, you’ll have a lot of different dynamic ways to present video podcasts and video blog posts. It even functions as a handsome and solidly crafted tutorial website or viral video website. this theme is totally compatible with both YouTube and Vimeo, as well as Dailymotion. You can embed or self-host video clips as you choose. YouTube and Vimeo also support automatic video import and you can group videos into a playlist. Thanks to WooCommerce support, you can monetize your website by creating premium level content that only subscribers can access. This is a really interesting way to make a little bit of money off of your heart podcasting work.

Check out some additional video themes we’ve found.  Perfect for anything.

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WipCast WordPress Podcaster Theme

WipCast is a podcaster’s dream.  It’s also a blog theme that allows you to watch podcasts right on your homepage. It’s got a beautiful, modern design and that’s going to keep people coming back again and again to see your newest podcast. Promoting your work is going to be made quite a bit simpler thanks to the strong integration of social media. That’s more important than ever these days, it’s just another avenue for people to find what you’ve created.

This template gives you three different home page layouts that present podcasts and video in a little bit different manner.  Each of these pre-made designs as dedicated places for AdSense blocks so you can monetize your site via advertisements. Since this theme fully supports WooCommerce, that’s another avenue for making a little bit of money from your podcasting. You can create self-hosted podcast new episodes or episodes from popular media hosts like YouTube, Mixcloud and Spotify. A pair of different blog layouts are included and all of the customization options that are provided give you a wide range of control over your website style. You shouldn’t have any trouble setting up a gorgeous website use it’s powerful, user-friendly template.

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Divi Premium Podcasting WordPress Theme

Divi is a premium quality WordPress the theme that can do just about anything. Thanks to the drag-and-drop page building tools this theme gives you, you’ll have complete control over your website layout. That’s a real benefit, they can genuinely make for exciting times when you have the ability to make any type of layout you want. 4 podcasts the layout may not be as important as for some other sites, but your homepage definitely requires a lot of forethought. Did he provides over three hundred different pre-made homepage designs that can present some eye-catching options for grabbing your readers’ attention right from the get-go. Or listeners’. Or watchers’.

As a podcasting theme, did he provides plenty of Handy tools to make things work right. Woocommerce allows you to create membership levels that give access to only users who have subscribed to your podcast. This is a really smart way to make some money on your website and to provide a great user experience with tremendous benefits for your listeners or viewers. If your striving to create a beautiful website that is completely flexible and totally dynamic, defeat is definitely a solid option.

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Megaphone Modern Podcasting WordPress Theme

Megaphone is an audio-specific podcasting WordPress theme that let your voice be heard. This full-featured theme allows you to set up and manage any audio podcast quickly. It’s a really nice solution for both personal podcasts with just a few listeners or large podcasting networks with multiple shows and multiple hosts. You can use this template for online radio stations with live streaming as well. It’s also ideal for audiobook websites. So, it’s the theme can do quite a bit to help in your podcasting career take off.

Support is provided for all of the most popular podcasting platforms. Support is provided for iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify, PodBean, Blubrry, Cadence, Podomatic, Spreaker, MixCloud and more. This is one of the highest-rated audio podcasting tablets and it’s quite flexible. You can host your audio anywhere you want and with all of the popular podcasting plugins fully supported, you’ll be able to create a really engaging podcasting website that’s supremely user-friendly and adaptable.

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Podcaster Multimedia Podcasting WordPress Theme

Podcaster is a multimedia WordPress theme that’s simple, clean, and is ideal for all sorts of podcasts. This template gives you a handful of different pre-designed styles that have a range of design types. There are some that look perfect for outdoorsy podcasts and others that have a more urban feel. There are classic and beautiful designs and some cutting-edge styles that are really unique. This is among the most popular podcasting templates available and all of the major podcasting plugins are fully supported. You can self host your media or embed audio or clips from any of the most popular media hosting websites. all of the pre-made demos are super easy to use and they can be installed with just one click. This theme is well-documented and well-supported and it provides a very simple method for creating attention-getting podcasts.

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Castilo Podcasting WordPress Theme

Castilo is an audio podcasting WordPress theme that looks perfect for anyone who wants to launch a new podcast and have complete control over your website and your feet. There is fantastic documentation and support included and you can have your website up and it’ll look great in no time. Castilo is a professional theme for incredibly professional audio podcast. It provides podcast statistics, transcripts, you can import external feeds and generate valid rss2 feeds as well. This WooCommerce ready theme works with your favorite page builders including Gutenberg and Elementor page builder. This is everything you need to create a flexible podcast and submit it to iTunes, Google Play or any other RSS directory. You can import episodes from other publishers as well and with the advanced customization features, you can apply your personal touch to any of the pre-made designs and have a customer looking podcasting website ready to go in just minutes.

Where can you find more Elementor WordPress themes?  Why, right here of course.

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WPCast Podcasting WordPress Theme

WP Cast is an audio podcast in WordPress theme that offers a professional and speedy way to create audio podcast websites using wordpress. Some of the most interesting features include a nonstop music player, full integration with apple podcast and Google podcast and this theme is also compatible with ellipse in, anchor. FM and blueberry. The developer has kept on top of things, continuing to add new functionality and support for new podcasting services. This is podcasting made easy.

You’ll be able to publish your new content in just seconds and the featured player can play playlist as well. There is a series manager tool, a series card with playable episodes and wpbakery Page builders included to give you advanced control over your site lol. 16 short codes are included to help you craft the perfect podcasting site. there’s even a donations form so you can receive donations on your website if people like your content enough. other premium features include extensive documentation, high level of support if you run into any troubles and even without adding an outside plug-in, your website can be translated into any language using the provided translation files.

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Viseo Multimedia Podcasting WordPress Theme

Viseo is a news, video and podcasting WordPress theme with lots of features and flexibility. with your download, you’ll get a free copy of the elementor page builder already installed. This gives you a lot of control over your post and Page layouts. But, you might want to just start with the pre-made designs, which look great right out of the box. These pre-made styles are completely editable and they provide a great starting platform for creating your podcast. Woocommerce is supported and that allows for any type of online payments including subscriptions and merchandise sales. You can embed video or host at yourself on server, depending on what your needs are. Overall, this is one of my favorite combination seems of podcasting and video blogging.

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Soundbite is a premium audio and video podcasting WordPress theme that has a really clean, modern layout and plenty of features to help make it an exciting option for building your first podcasting website. Although who says it has to be your first. If you’re building your hundreds podcast and website, this theme works just perfectly.

In your download package, you’ll notice right off the bat that this template is packaged with the Elementor page builder. Elementor is one of the most powerful page building tools available today. You can help any WordPress website look fantastic, thanks to the massive array of contact blocks that you can arrange any way you want. These content blocks can be dragged into place and attitude as much as you need to get a website that looks perfect for all of your needs.

Soundbite is also WooCommerce ready so you can set up an online shop or sell access to advanced features or secret content within your podcasting website. If you’ve got certain content that you want to lock behind a paywall, it’s the perfect way to do just that. This is a user-friendly and attractive, modern and well-appointed podcast theme and I think it works pretty well for just about any type of podcast.

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Fastcast is a podcasting WordPress azim with a custom, responsive audio player, a different unique podcast skins a clean, simple and minimalist style and it supports all of the most popular plugins that allow you to create and distribute a podcast quickly and easily. Is theme supports the powerpress podcasting plugin, and it supports Android, iTunes, Apple podcast and a Spotify podcast RSS. You can embed YouTube or Vimeo clips or upload them to your own server to self host them. Either way, you get a fast loading, great-looking podcasting template that has everything you need to create a podcast and nothing would be required. It’s all there in the download package.

Oops, we did it again.  Some minimalist…the-the-thememememes.  Or something.

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SKRN is a clean and professional website that’s built for media streaming on any device, anywhere in the world. That means this theme can easily be adapted for use as a podcasting template. Powered by the AR member plug-in, which is included in your download, you’ll have the ability to craft membership levels for your viewers and listeners. These membership levels can include subscriptions, user registrations, profiles and a whole bunch more. No matter what type of media you are visitors want to stream, there’s a way to set up membership plans and free trials. Content can be quickly and easily restricted to only certain membership levels. This is a really slick setup for handling what can be a bit of a tricky situation for some websites.

The overall design is incredibly clean and sleek, it’s got a really modern feel and that can help make your services look fabulous. Elementor page builder is also provided to give you even more advanced layout control. You should have absolutely no trouble setting up a media streaming website using this drag and drop interface. Other features include, of course, a built-in video player that helps make your podcasts and media streaming services look amazing.

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Castpod is a professional WordPress theme for audio podcasts only. However, pretty fancy features that make it a really nice version of an audio podcasting template. Woocommerce is supported to give you the ability to Hide certain content behind a paywall. You can import external podcasts, I really helpful migration tool can be used to transfer feed from any one of the most popular podcasting services or an external RSS feed in your website. That gives you more control over your content then you would get from some external RSS feed. if you have an existing podcasting site and it’s been a few years since you’ve updated, you might want to step up to a more modern theme and this one is a really great option for that. loading template, it’s well-documented and well-supported, they gives you all you need to showcase your podcast and the customization options are plentiful, giving you lots of different ways to make your website look fantastic.

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Kentha , Powerful Podcasting WordPress Theme

Kentha is a really exciting theme for building podcasting websites. This template is primarily aimed at musicians, though it has some very specialized functionality that make it solid for podcasting sites as well. One of these features is an automatic, nonstop music player. This allows creative artists to play podcasts the continue working even as the user navigates around the site. The possibilities are really on one at a time. A couple dozen pre-made designs are included and other helpful tools like a drag-and-drop playlist Creator, a music spectrum analyzer and lots of short codes are also provided. If you want to add full screen video backgrounds, that’s absolutely possible as well. You got three different menu designs, mobile first design architecture and the podcast and live sets section lets people browse through any track you have uploaded to your website or to any of the most popular audio hosting sites. for musicians who want to integrate a podcasting feature on their site, this is a really bold and exciting addition to this collection.

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OnAir2 is a radio station WordPress theme with a nonstop music player integrated. This is one of the most complete solutions for crafting professional radio station websites. You can also build radio shows, podcasts, accept donations and sell products with this template. It does a really great job of presenting music and audio the right way. all of the tools that are provided with his template help you or radio station or podcasting website stand out. there’s an events calendar with animated countdowns, custom widgets, events maps and ticket purchasing options. 

With the top 10 charts, you can track unlimited music files and rank them based on their popularity. This works with SoundCloud, YouTube and self-hosted MP3 files. There’s even links where people can click to purchase tracks, another way to make a little bit of money from your website. He is the top 10 charts or shortcode ready and really interconnected. but you’re here because this is a podcasting website. With this theme, you can create podcast series with the specialized podcast post type. Mixcloud, YouTube, SoundCloud and MP3 files are all supported. and you can create specialized podcasting app show pages as well with automatic timetables, podcast series, related series, news and social sharing options provided. there’s a lot going on in this theme and I think it’s definitely a solid choice for radio stations and podcasting websites.

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