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Live Streaming WordPress Themes

Live Streaming WordPress Themes

Live streaming is one of the biggest trends going right now.

As technology has improved, our ability to share high-quality video and audio instantly has also improved in step. there are plenty of new and emerging platforms around to host your own streaming video and audio and there’s a lot of reasons why you might want to create a live streaming website to share your own casts.

Sure, there are established giants like YouTube and Twitch, but you are completely under their control if you choose those platforms. They may throttle your traffic or decide to remove your live cast entirely. It can be difficult to get any traction on these massive sites with established live streamers out there competing for a finite set of eyeballs.

If you control your own live streaming website, you can control your branding, you can decide exactly what your website is going to look like, you get to control the advertisement placement and, most importantly, you can make a lot more money.

If you are a professional streamer, whether you are live streaming podcasts, gaming sessions, travel videos or something else entirely, having your own beautiful looking live streaming website can improve your odds of success exponentially.

There are a lot of different WordPress plugins out there that help streamers achieve their goals and they work for the vast majority of WordPress templates. however, a dedicated WordPress theme of that is specifically built for the task as other features that can make it worthwhile to check out.

Whether you decide to embed live streams from platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and Twitter, or if you completely host them on your own website, that’s up to you. However, no matter which way you choose to go, you’ll have complete control over the way your live streaming events look and that’s incredibly important.

So, here are the absolute best live streaming WordPress themes available.


GoodGame - Twitch Integrated WordPress Gaming News Magazine Preview - ThemeForest

Good Game is a Twitch integrated gaming and news magazine WordPress theme. this powerful, user-friendly theme has tons going for it to make it one of the better options for building your very own gaming community.

First of all, there’s the support for bbPress and BuddyPress. These two plug-ins can provide complete social networking capabilities for your website. It allows you to build a community, engage with other users, create messages, forums and more. These powerful features are a really great way to get your foot in the door in the gigantic market of online streaming and video game communities. You can create a community based around just a single game if it’s popular enough, and that can be a really great way to create a niche market that builds traffic and keeps people connected.

Thanks to our full support for Twitch, streaming your gaming sessions is supremely easy. You can choose from a variety of different platforms and categorize your game posts based on that. with full eCommerce support, you can even sell online merchandise. Thanks to WP Bakery Page Builder, you’ll have full control over your site layout from top to bottom. You can drag and drop content blocks exactly where you want them and then customize each and every aspect of your sight to get exactly the type of look and feel you want.

There are large-format video posts with YouTube and Vimeo integration, full-screen posts, you can sort posts by what’s hot and what’s popular, there are gorgeous image galleries and a whole lot more. integrating your gaming site with makes it super simple to build an audience and give them exactly what they’re looking for. There are specially made content blocks that allow you to pull content directly from Twitch and use it as part of your sight. That can either be on the homepage or a dedicated streaming page. These sidebar widgets and I can be used anywhere you want on your entire website.

For a fully built-out game streaming website, this theme provides a total solution of features and functionality.

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PixieSquad, WordPress LiveStreaming Themes

PixieClash has all the features and functionality you could need to host your own video streams and reap all the benefits that owning your own streaming video game website offers.

With this theme, you’ll have the ability to host and watch streams, supply venue information, match schedules, tournament standings and sell tickets online. They are a premade tool for constructing tournament brackets and a whole lot more. This is a really user-friendly esports platform that’s a great way to give out all the information necessary in a really user-friendly, easy to consume package.

Perfect for esports tournament websites, this well-documented and responsive theme provides a multitude of features, a really fun and futuristic design and yet it remains incredibly user-friendly and simple to manage, even if WordPress is not your first language.

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PlayerX - A High-powered Theme for Gaming and eSports Preview - ThemeForest

Player X is a powerful WordPress theme for video game clans, live streams and esports. This dedicated theme has exactly what you’ll need to build an awesome live streaming website.

With this theme, you get a high-powered gaming and esports. Several pre-made designs are supplied to give you different ways to present your game streams and all the information about your clan, game studio or esports event. You can announce your live streams, highlight information about your clan and more. This theme is incredibly simple to use and administrate. The powerful admin interface gives you a lot of ways you can completely customize your website. All of the pre-made demo sites can be installed with just one click and there’s a large collection of both home and inner pages to provide lots of information to your visitors. If you’re looking to live stream esports tournaments, this theme is a really fantastic option.

This powerful solution answers a lot of questions. With all of the pre-made designs, the massive amounts of portfolio and blog features, the dedicated streaming possibilities, this template has a lot going for it and if you’re creating a live streaming site, it can really pay dividends.

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PixieBolt – eSports gaming theme for clans & organizations

PixieBolt is an esports gaming theme that also offers live streaming capabilities. This theme can do it all, it’s a multi-purpose resource that delivers outstanding style, loads of features and it’s incredibly simply use as well.

For clans and organizations, PixieBolt is a powerful esports and gaming theme that provides loads of information people want. This theme has a very modern, clean design, it works perfectly on all screen sizes and devices and the news magazine or blog layouts are particularly attractive and eye-catching.

Everything you need to create a powerful gaming website as well as a live streaming setup, it’s provided in this download. This user-friendly, adaptable and responsive theme as professional displays for all of the latest news, information and it really helps build an audience. If you’ve been looking for an eSports organization website that also allows streaming through services like Twitch, you need look no further than this powerful, adaptable theme.

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PixieFreak _ eSports gaming theme for teams & tournaments Preview - ThemeForest

PixieFreak is an esports and video gaming theme built for teams and tournaments. If you want a very specialized theme that works great for streaming video games and other video content, this theme is an excellent solution.

This theme has been consistently updated since it was originally released and it provides an online shop powered by WooCommerce, beautiful image galleries, bbPress forums, BuddyPress commenting and interaction, demo content and plenty of custom pages to get your website it’s best quickly. there are three provided streaming platforms that are fully supported right out of the box. Twitch, Azubu and HitBox are all supported even if you don’t have any particular coding skills.

You can create unlimited pages for teams and players, colors, sections and pages are completely customizable and you can offer up sponsorship and promotion information. A schedule of upcoming matches and previous results are easy to find for anyone who wants that information. With WooCommerce integration, you can create a beautiful online shop, there are some lovely galleries and albums and you can build an entire community using this strong, high performance and attractive esports theme.

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Onair2_ Radio Station WordPress Theme With Non-Stop Music Player Preview - ThemeForest

OnAir2 is one of the most complete WordPress themes for building a radio station. It has plenty of features that make it an ideal candidate for any type of streaming.

OnAir2 is one of the most complete WordPress themes for creating professional radio station websites, for live casting audio streams for podcasts, radio shows and more. This eCommerce ready WordPress theme includes three professional designs that help establish your radio station or live streaming platform quickly and effectively.

This template offers probably as many tools as any radio station template I’ve seen. There are 11 different custom post types, 7 custom widgets and 14 custom shortcodes that provide loads of functionality. The radio player that is included is mobile-friendly, it offers unlimited channels, MP3 streaming, Shoutcast and Icecast support there’s a pop-up player and continuous play as your visitors migrate around your website.

You can quickly set up show schedules and automatically detect day and time to help schedule those events. You can display sliders and helpful tables to give more information about any show. The individual show pages are equally attractive and modern. There’s an automatic timetable Creator, a podcast series builder, links to related top 10 series, related news and social sharing options are also provided.

Overall, if you’re creating a podcasting website with multiple broadcasters who are looking to livestream podcasts, this clean, will build and powerful theme is an outstanding option.

We’ve also created a theme collection dedicated to beautiful podcasting themes that can help you create a beautiful platform for podcasting audio or video. if you want to see more podcasting themes, check it out and I’m sure you’ll find some pretty amazing stuff that you really like.

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Megaphone – Audio Podcast WordPress Theme

Megaphone is a strong, smart and well-built solution for streaming audio. If you’re live streaming an audio podcast with some other platform, you might find that the Megaphone WordPress theme allows your voice to be heard a whole lot clearer.

Megaphone is a powerful podcasting WordPress theme that allows you to quickly and efficiently set up podcasting content and stream it to the world. This is a really neat solution for anyone who has ever wanted to create their own live stream for audio podcasts.

There’s full support for all of the most popular audio podcasting solutions. Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes, Mixcloud and all the other most popular platforms are supported. With this theme, you don’t need to be an expert in coding to get a really great result.

It’s so user-friendly, even a beginner can achieve really outstanding results and let their voice be heard. Dedicated live streaming themes like Megaphone can certainly help to increase your podcasts popularity and all of the tools that are provided give your listeners lots of different ways to enjoy your content.

There’s a built-in blog included, several features for engaging with users and everything remains incredibly crystal clear and simple to operate, even if you are a beginner with WordPress.

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PixieHuge _ eSports Gaming Theme For Clans & Organizations Preview - ThemeForest

PixieHuge is another ideal candidate for livecasting your video games. This theme was built especially for the occasion, it’s ideal for video streaming and other video websites, but the features don’t end there.

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Audioatro – WordPress Audio_Podcasting_Music Theme

Audioatro is a multi-purpose audio WordPress theme that includes full radio streaming, podcasting and radio station functionality. It’s a user-friendly theme with plenty going for it.

with the most recent update to this theme, it now supports radio streaming. You can stream live radio with full support for shoutcast to you, radio. Co, air Time, radio on Ami and any other radio streaming service available. It’s all created with a direct streaming link and you can learn a lot more about the process by clicking the more information button below. If you want a powerful user-friendly podcasting and radio broadcasting website, please theme provides plenty of helpful tools to make it happen. There’s video podcasting support, WooCommerce shopping capabilities and a whole lot more. If you want to get the most out of your time, this powerful, user-friendly theme is a really wonderful solution for crafting the type of website that can really help elevate all of your audio and video content.

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Vlog – Video Blog _ Magazine WordPress Theme

As one of the most complete video blog and podcasting WordPress themes, vLog has a strong focus on providing a really great user experience. That also includes the ability to share live streams with the world.

vlog is a beautifully crafted video WordPress theme with a very strong focus on videography. It’s got all the needs covered for modern video magazines and video blogging sites and it has several different sophisticated layouts and dynamic content presentation options. No matter how you want to present your videos and your blog articles, it’s possible with this beautiful, user-friendly theme. Now, you can use this theme to share video blog posts, that much goes without saying, but it also works for video podcasting. You can create eLearning video courses or even a website for viral video sharing. the powerful, user-friendly setup allows you to create and online TV station and stream live video as well. Gamers can display and stream Twitch videos or you can create video streams from any of the most popular video hosting platforms.

The choice is completely up to you and the results are going to look fantastic.

To see some more video blogging themes, you might want to take a minute to take a look at our full collection of video themes. We’ve found quite a number of templates they’re ideal for video blogs, video magazines and even viral video websites. There’s a little something in there for everybody.

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Vayvo - Media Streaming & Membership Theme Preview - ThemeForest

For media streaming and membership websites, Vayvo is all you’ll need to enjoy a massive level of success. This is one of the top rated live streaming themes ever created and there’s a lot of reasons why that is the case.

this media streaming website offers membership functionality as well and thanks to elementor page builder, it gives you a lot of different ways to craft a handmade layout. The ability to restrict some content and the ability to create live streams makes this podcasters dream. If you want to integrate live cast into play more traditional podcasting environment, this theme does the job with ease. The e-commerce never should platform, built-in video player and drag-and-drop Page building functionality make this a very powerful theme that can be easily adapted to any sort of podcast. All of the functionality this theme provides makes it perfectly suited for monetizing any type of podcast or live stream event. Even if you’re not particularly well-versed with WordPress, the process is incredibly simple and straightforward.

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SKRN - Media Streaming App WordPress Theme Preview - ThemeForest

If you’re looking for a purpose-built WordPress theme that has every feature required to build a live streaming website, SKRN is well worth a look.

SKRN is a clean, crisp and beautiful streaming app WordPress theme. You can stream both audio and video with this theme and you can very easily restrict certain content based on membership levels. There’s a media library with search and ratings functionality, this theme is tablet and mobile device friendly, ready for translation into any language and thanks to the massive amount of customization options, you can create a website that looks just like you want. there’s a video rating system as well as an advanced search function, purely responsive layout and this template is search engine optimized so everyone can find your pages and posts, especially search engine spiders. For a powerful media streaming web template, this one is I really fantastic option.

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Plaxer - Gaming and eSports WordPress Preview - ThemeForest

With a bold, classic design for gaming any sports, Plaxer is the type of live casting theme that really grabs your visitors attention.

The Plaxer are theme is a high-powered template for gaming, streaming and more. Just about anything you want to achieve can be accomplished with this powerful, user-friendly live streaming and events theme. Is a perfect way for gamers and esports aficionado to craft a live streaming website to share any sort of content. The high-quality, detailed demo styles can be installed with just one click and there are six provided. One of them is specifically built for streamers. But you’ll find game development presets, esport clan templates, a beautiful portfolio, online merchandise shop and a dedicated gaming template. If you’re looking for a fast loading, high-performance streaming theme, this one is among the fastest and most completely responsive available. This is a really strong option for crafting online streaming sites you can be proud of.

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