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Best WordPress Typography Themes

Best WordPress Typography Themes

Typography is an important aspect of any site.  Selecting the right font and laying it out in an interesting way can seal the deal when it comes to providing a great user experience.  Unfortunately, many websites overlook this critical component of building a website.  For image heavy blogs, maybe you can get away with it, but if you’re creating a text heavy blog site, the right typography separates average sites from great ones.

But there are so many websites out there, selecting a great looking template can be tricky.  We’re here to help you out with a collection of absolute winners.  These themes are some of the best typography WordPress themes around and any one of them can help make your website look great, delivering amazing content that your readers will love.


WordPress Typography Themes

H-Code is a clean, powerful, responsive and attractive WordPress theme that is great for online stores, businesses and creative websites. The typography in this theme is absolutely breathtaking, it allows you to create great looking websites like no other template before it. The designs are modern, the typography is there to match. This developer has years of experience and I believe that they have created one of the best creative themes around, particularly he is bold type ography is your thing.

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KonCept WordPress Responsive Typography Based Blog Theme

Kon/Cept is a really unique portfolio theme, focused on elegant minimalism, typography and simplicity. This theme is created with a modular concept, it has a really amazing looking masonry grid portfolio layout and it’s packed with other useful features. If you need features, options and shortcodes, this theme has plenty. It also supports woocommerce to let you sell products online. If you want to change up the typography from the standard version that is included, it’s very easy to completely customize this template.

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Crate is another simple WordPress theme, minimalist InDesign but it’s got a really neat use of typography. The font is particularly small, giving your website a really modern feel. Crate is very simple to use and incredibly simple to customize.the life customizer let you see changes in real time as you make them, this theme is completely translatable into any language and there’s a one-click demo importer to get you stylin and profilin quickly.

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Clean Photo

Clean Photo, Portfolio Theme with Bold Typography

Clean Photo is a professional photography portfolio theme that balance interesting typography with bold imagery. All you have to do is supply the energy and you’re going to get a result that I think you’ll be pleased with. Clean Photo include slider revolution, visual composer and a couple other premium plug-ins for free. I think the headers are distinctive and interesting, you get several different slider options and the integrated blog uses the same great-looking typography set up to produce a clean and attractive website for any photographer.

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The M, Blog With Cool Font Use

The M is a blog and magazine theme with a minimal style that produces creative results. The typography is just part of the attraction of this theme, it’s well-designed and perfect for lifestyle blogs, personal blogs and travel blogs. I think that you’re going to love these smooth operation of this team and the sophistication of every page that you create. this beautiful WordPress theme uses a very interesting font that I don’t see on very many sites, but you can always change that up if you decide you don’t want to use the pre-made look.

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Moment, Typography Concentrated magazine Theme

Moment is a smart, modern magazine theme with a fun, distinctive typography set up. The homepage is very attractive, it’s a perfect blend of images and text, giving you several different ways to attract the attention of your visitors. Having the most important stories on your website up front and center, that’s always a great way to get people deeper into your site to learn more about what you have written. Moment is a modern magazine theme that goes the extra mile in terms of flexibility and customization options.

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Milo, Minimalist Writer's Typography WordPress Theme


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No Sidebar Pro

No Sidebar Pro Clean, Ultra Minimal Typography Theme


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Grace Under Pressure

Grace Under Pressure, Writing and Typography Theme


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Tabor Typography Theme, Minimal Style


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Gonjjo WordPress Typographic Theme


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