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In this collection, we will exhibit the Finest Facebook timeline style WordPress themes that are well crafted for wedding site, travel logs, private resume and more in a means of Facebook timeline. Hope you will love it!

Inspired by Facebook timeline, the Facebook timeline style WordPress Themes intend to share your job, blog or interests in a unique and trendy way. They’re familiar to those of us who use Facebook frequently and the layout lends itself to simple to consume information and a fantastic layout on mobile or desktop devices. The Facebook interface was popular and widely used by billions of individuals. These themes are working like Facebook deadline and supplying more features to showcase your creative job, services and abilities, highlight landmarks from your career or your own journey. The flexible design allows you to easily customize your website appearance as you would like and write something nice in your site.

Timeline themes for WordPress are extremely popular these days and It is plain as day to see why. They’re familiar to those of us who use Facebook frequently and the layout lends itself to simple to absorb information and a great design on desktop or mobile devices. The Facebook interface was widely popular and widely used by billions of individuals. These themes are functioning like Facebook timeline and offering more features to showcase your creative job, services and skills, highlight milestones from your livelihood or your own journey. The flexible design permits you to easily customize your site look as you like and write something nice on your site.

Share It

Share It Personal Timeline WordPress Theme

Share It is one of these truly creative and interesting WordPress Themes that come together only rarely, with a very distinctive layout which allows you to display your content in a unique way, using a timeline. It is creative with it’s use of a special and elegant timeline quality that will help tell your story in a means that will truly collect a lot of attention. Great to get a video reel, a personal CV or resume theme, a wedding site, a site about whatever could benefit from a wonderful and elastic time-line perfectly embedded in the page. Use it to get a wedding site, games reviews, culinary or foodie site, maybe even a music blog.

Share It’s well over 300 choices and something more than 30 different Post customizable choices. This theme is very adjustable and super simple and user friendly to work with. You’ve got absolute control over the best way to edit and edit the various timeline box segments, so you can change the look of the entire site with ease. Should you want them to look different than the logo, it is relatively simple to modify. There are limitless color options also, so you’re able to use the cool looking’glass’ effect you see in the demo-site. That looks a site modern and fun and will assist your articles leap off the page.

Share It’s a creative and fun way to show your articles at a very Unique, novel way. This theme has a progressive design, the timeline design it really different than so many other themes out there. This theme is excellent for vCards, private portfolios, blogs, company timelines showing your company’s history and much more. It is even really strong for creative works like portfolios for photography and more, culinary or audio sites, travel and gaming websites also. I would really like to see what someone could do with Share It as a marriage theme too. Share It is flexible, allowing full control over the deadline boxes, the whole look and texture, from fonts to colours, sizes and positioning.

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Chronology Timeline Theme for WordPress

Chronology, from the people in MyThemeShop, is a timeline-style WordPress theme, but it’s a great deal more than that. It’s a gateway to another dimension, one where your posts could be exhibited in chronological order, taking your readers on a journey of the mind. The lovely masonry post display, a powerful custom and attractive layout, and plenty of incredible features, make Chronology a perfect selection for anyone searching for a very distinctive way to exhibit their content. Chronology has also added WooCommerce support, is optimized for incredible SEO functionality, in addition to Adsense. Throw in superior support and detailed documentation, and Chronology is a great choice for any website that needs a nicely made timeline attribute to highlight content as time passes. Oh yeah, Chronology is responsive too, so it is going to look wonderful on each and every device your readers utilize.

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Cool Stuff

Cool Stuff WordPress Timeline Theme

Cool Stuff Timeline feature, to help show the progression of your content. Cool Stuff has a fantastic, purely responsive layout which works perfectly on any web-ready device, it has got a rad set of short codes to help deliver content the way you need to deliver it, it has tons of custom widgets and more. I believe one of the best things about Cool Stuff, is it’s capability to be personalized. Tesla Themes has assembled this theme around the Tesla Framework, which gives Cool Stuff the flexibility to permit for just about any sort of customization. It’s easy to change out the fonts, adjust colour schemes and give the functionality and style you desire. It’s all done in the admin panel too, so you won’t have to hack in the code to create these changes. Cool Stuff has a very nice flat, contemporary design, which means your content will glow, taking centre stage and not live in the shadow of a bloated layout. And yes, we have included this template in the Timeline themes segment, because there’s a very sweet deadline work on the events page. Check out the demo, it is amazing!

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Ultra Premium Theme with Timeline Feature

Want a unique way to present your posts? How about a trendy looking timeline? Using Ultra, a superior drag and drop theme builder, you may add a potent timeline to any place via short codes. That makes for a really interesting way to present your articles, your business history or your own personal history. With Ultra, you get plenty more features that help make your site the best it could be. Each is slightly different, however a great way to present any kind of content. For more WordPress deadline themes, try this collection.

You can import demo data with a single click, change up theme preferences, Content, menus, widgets and more, which saves a lot of time when creating a site for a customer. Themify’s timeline section is merely one of a variety of great features that are included, it is possible to display all of your articles and text since they happened throughout time, kind of like Facebook’s deadline attribute. Customize the size of text, add pictures, sort posts based on ID numbers, date, title, modification date or even sort randomly. It is a really cool way to present a wide array of content.

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Monarch WordPress Theme for Timelines

Monarch is an innovative theme that can be used on WordPress. It’s Been programmed to accommodate pages dedicated to community and social networking. Among its many features are 3 distinct homepage choices. Users can choose the default homepage screen, which unites small and medium-sized articles in three columns. Additionally, there are masonry and timeline choices that offer a more symmetric display with two and three-feed columns . This distinct WordPress theme is also exceptional since it’s a widgets page in which users can place any widgets of the choosing for easier content accessibility. Then there’s the dwell customizer, making port customization a breeze. Choose color schemes, wallpapers and other screen elements to create your page stand out much more.

Equipped with BuddyPress, this theme allows users to make use of Special features that are reflective of social media networks from post feeds, user profiles, groups, notifications, and much more. Additional cover page functionalities enable users to personalize their pages much more with beautified headers. Besides ensuring that all vital elements of social networking websites are made accessible on a webpage, BuddyPress also offers other support features unlike any Captcha reCaptcha, which adds Google’s Captcha confirmation box to the webpage’s enrollment form. What this does is prevent robot accounts from being generated. Additionally, it has a liking component, enabling community members to like any post across the platform.

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Throne WordPress Theme with Timeline Layout

After Monarch comes Throne.  Makes sense, right?

Throne Kind of professional or individual site design needs and also with two blog designs, masonry and also a exceptional deadline blog, it’s perfect for adding to this kind of WordPress themes. But, Throne’s visual minimalism and glistening appearance lend themselves best to portfolio pages for almost any market from art to emerging technology. It’s always great to have options, right? I believe so. Throne’s tasteful style doesn’t get in the way of their content, gallery examples and products on any site so the focus is always on exactly what any freelancer or company wants website visitors to see. The Throne WP theme also offers security, reliability and supreme responsiveness for use with all sizes of in-office machines or cellular devices. Its high tech development and flexibility are the keys to creating stunning and strong websites ideal for showcasing what you need to offer.

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The Curator

The Curator, Premium Timeline Theme for Artists

The Curator is a Exceptional deadline based portfolio or website theme that We could have just as easily added to our collection of educational This theme was created with museums or artists in Mind, but people who wish to educate their customers about art history Will get a good deal of value in The Curator as well. The Curator has Gathered a solid score of 4.37 on ThemeForest and with over 700 Downloads, it’s proven to be quite common. The Curator supports signature Gestures so your readers can swipe their way via your content. Options are managed through the competent and familiar WordPress theme customizer. There’s a parallax background service, easy pole slider and more. Solid stuff in general.

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