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WordPress Themes Tiffany, Feminine Inspired WooCommerce Business Theme Xin Themes

Here’s an interesting post by Templified. It’s called Tiffany, Feminine Inspired WooCommerce Business Theme and it’s all about Feminine, WooCommerce.

BluChic is probably the best known creator of well made, feminine WordPress themes.  If that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for, or if women are your target audience, then you’re definitely going to need to check out everything they have to offer.

Here’s a sneak peek at the shop page.  Nice looking stuff, easy to navigate.

Products – Tiffany Theme for WordPress

Tiffany has a ton of features that help make it a great choice for women who want an all around theme, one with enough design and enough features to keep both webmaster and visitors happy.  Designed for the entrepreneur, Tiffany has a distinct feminine style that helps set it apart from a lot of the competition.  So many themes these days have a flat, corporate style.  That’s not to say minimalist themes can’t be interesting.  In fact, if you want to see some, check out our minimalist theme collection.

But back to Tiffany.  Tiffany is WooCommerce compatible, so you can sell products with your very own online shop.  Since the demo is set up as a stationary store, you can see how it would work for that type of site, but there’s nothing you can’t sell with WooCommerce.  Even digital downloadable products.

Like all good, modern themes, Tiffany is responsive in it’s design.  That means no matter what device your customers are accessing your site on, it’ll look great, adapting to the size screen they have.  It’s really key these days, so many people are shopping on their smartphones.

As for customization options, you’re in luck.  Tiffany allows for rapid changes to color schemes and type faces, all without having to know a bit of code.  Tiffany is compatible with all the major SEO plugins, so it works well in terms of ranking.  The slick code doesn’t hurt that facet either.  As long as you crank out great content, you’ll start rising the SERPs before you know it.  Another aspect of flexibility, Tiffany offers multiple layout styles, whether you want to show one post with excerpt and then a grid below that or all excerpt posts with thumbnails, classic full posts, full-width posts and a lot more.  The choices are yours and each one looks really nice on the page.  Just depends on your taste.

Ready for banner ads, social media friendly, well documented and well supported, BluChic has created a really nice theme that could be perfect for your website.  So, whattya think?  I think that BluChic is at the top of the game with regard to feminine themes like Tiffany. The features, the style, the price, it’s all right there where you want it to be.  So, that said, if you’d like to see more feminine BluChic themes, try this.   That’s our collection of every single BluChic theme available.  Honestly, I think Tiffany could be a great lifestyle blog option too.  For more themes like that, check out this collection.

Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed this review.  If you choose Tiffany, or any of the other themes BluChic has to offer, we’d love to hear from you.

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WordPress Themes Nillpano, WordPress Modern, Simple News Magazine Theme Xin Themes

Here’s an interesting post by Templified. It’s called Nillpano, WordPress Modern, Simple News Magazine Theme and it’s all about Magazine.

An outstanding and exceptionally effective magazine news theme like Nillpano is a wonderful option to get a web-based journal published online immediately.  With Nillpano, you get all the best, most popular features as well as tons of tools to enable you to provide a memorable encounter for all followers. It hardly matter what the subject matter of your website either.  From news to sports, weather to business news.  Even the world of fashion or entertainment.  The choices are endless.  Your magazine readers will love the the style and features offered by your online magazine based around the Nillpano theme, the straight forward navigation, the trendy and incredibly professional design, the clean CSS and HTML, the general arrangement of the layout, the colors, the typography and so much more. A well designed magazine theme like Nillpano aids you to captivate visitors and with the right theme, your business is going to practically explode with popularity.  Get ready for the boom!  With Nillpano, the code is thoroughly clean.  That means your page will load up rapidly which will allow you to rank better on the SERPs. Keen!  This top quality weblog theme boasts everything that you need generate a really great, authority magazine on any issue like travel and destinations, food and recipes, web applications or games, software, corporate intrigue, personal diaries, fashion and more.

There are literally thousands of web-based periodicals and even even more get started each and every day.  With that kind of competition, it’s very important to get your site established quickly, to stand out from the crowd and to really make a statement with a well made, well designed, user-freindly and flexible WordPress news theme. Your viewers will love the way this magazine looks, the uncomplicated navigation, the modern and specialized design, the thoroughly clean scripts, the general layout and a great deal more. So, why not have a look at the demo site and see what you think?

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Oh no!  Bad news!  Looks like they’ve removed Nillpano from the Themeforest marketplace, so it’s no longer available for download.  In fact, Nilltheme has simply gone offline.  That’s too bad, the theme was a solid one in my opinion.  Well, shoot.  That’s okay, because we’ve got a ton of great themes that you might be interested in in these collections.  Looking for Fundraising Themes for Charities, WordPress Online Auctions and Making Money for Non Profits? or the related topic of Charity Themes WordPress, Non Profits and Fundraising Themes.

Perhaps some Gallery Themes WordPress, Image Galleries for Photos and Photographers or even Material Design Themes WordPress With a Bold, Graphic and Dynamic Style.  Newspapers and magazines are always great, which is why we made this collection of News Themes WordPress, Newspapers, Journals, Blogs and Magazines.

One of our must popular theme collections is this one for Timeline Themes WordPress, Cool Facebook Inspired Content Timelines as well as Fashion Themes WordPress, Men and Women’s Clothing Stores, Fashion Blogs.  Not what you had in mind?  Well, okay, for those who need a responsive blog theme,Mobile Blog Themes WordPress, Responsive and Handheld Device Friendly.  Nillpano was the basis for a whole bunch of websites about coffee and tea, which is why we once had it in this collection of Coffee Shop Themes WordPress, Café and Tea Houses.

And never forget the fact that Nillpano was a great theme for Tech Startup Themes WordPress, IT Firms and SEO Companies.



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WordPress Themes MedPark, Medical and Dental Theme for WordPress Healthcare Sites Xin Themes

Here’s an interesting post by Templified. It’s called MedPark, Medical and Dental Theme for WordPress Healthcare Sites and it’s all about Health, Medical, Tesla Themes.


As part of our collection of medical themes, which you can find here.  WordPress Medical Themes, Doctors, Dentists, Healthcare and Health Clinics  You just know that MedPark is going to be a full featured theme that’s really ideal for all sorts of medical related websites.  It is.


MedPark is a WordPress theme designed for hospital and health center websites. It’s also ideal for creating university and education sites. Powered by the Tesla Framework, this theme provides you with an option of various page templates, 5 different types of custom posts, and 4 custom widgets. It also comes with shortcodes that will enable anyone to build a professional layout even without high-level web development know-how. If you’re considering this theme for a medical-related site, it would be great to know that MedPark includes a Doctor’s Page where blog visitors can look up the names of different types of medics and specialists. Each personal account is conveniently managed through the Users section found in your WordPress Admin. Another unique feature is the list of Medical Services which shows prospective clients what level of healthcare your facility offers. Related to businesses are these themes: Business, Corporate WordPress Portfolio, Blog and eCommerce Theme  You may find them to be helpful to you.


MedPark also allows potential clients to register appointments online. Additionally, there’s a Timetable which reveals the availability of each particular healthcare provider.


Selling medical insurance? Take advantage of MedPark’s Pricing Table where you can clearly and concisely present to soon-to-be clients the comparison between the various packages that you’re offering. If you wish to use MedPark for a university blog or an education-related website, you’ll be glad to know that it’s easily customizable. You and your team can write regular entries in the Blog section where you can share helpful and keyword-rich articles about health or education. Doing so optimizes the visibility of your site online. Your content can be neatly categorized according to recent posts and most popular articles. Moreover, MedPark enables you to monetize your blog by allowing you to insert ads on your sidebar. Other notable features of this theme which will convert your site visits to sales include the newsletter invitation bar and the contact page, which comes complete with a location map and a receptive messaging form.  WordPress Minimalist Themes, Simple, Sleek, Clean and Modern

For blogs, hospitals, medical centers, health centers, education websites, schools, universities or any other related website, MedPark includes everything you need to run a health care/education website efficiently.

MedPark is a Premium WordPress Theme created for medical or education related websites. It has a clean, responsive layout with a beautiful slider and a wide range of elements/features specially created for medical related sites, like: medical services, our doctors, timetable, make an appointment, etc.

MedPark is a highly customizable theme that includes our latest features, all powered by Tesla Framework. It includes 5 custom post types (Slider, Services, Timetable, Testimonials, Appointment), 4 custom widgets, different page templates (Our doctors, Timetable, Contact page) and a lot of shortcodes to build your layout anyway you wish.

  • Our doctors page – a dedicated area with all the doctors and types of specialists, each doctor has a personal account, managed from the “Users” section in WordPress admin.
  • Medical services – listing all available medical services. You can customize your single service web page by adding different shotcodes and widgets.
  • Make an appointment – allowing users to register an appointment. All the info is stored and managed from a dedicated area in your back end.
  • Timetable – showing the working hours and availability of particular doctors.

In terms of customization, MedPark is powered by Tesla Framework, a powerful administration tool that comprises all our great features and allows you to easily customize the look and functionality of your theme, without advanced knowledge of programming. It gives you the possibility to customize and manage your theme settings from a dedicated area within your WordPress Admin.

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WordPress Themes Paper Xin Themes

Here’s an interesting post by Templified. It’s called Paper and it’s all about Magazine.

Meet Paper: Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

This theme is called Paper and I really don’t know if I know why.  It’s not made of paper, it’s not a newspaper.  But I guess I see where they’re coming from, Paper is a classic writer’s themePersonal bloggers could make great use of Paper too, I’d wager.

Paper features a groundbreaking design which is also really familiar to all of us: the layout of a book. Every detail is detailed, engaging the visitor in a pleasant experience. Words are in the spotlight and your articles will shine through beautiful, big and bold typography. It is remarkably easy to use and it helps you fulfil your dream: build a beautiful & functional blog in mere minutes.

Responsive Design ? Scales to all your devices. Beautifully.

Paper is responsive, all the way down to mobile. Images, videos and text is scaled gracefully for your iPad, iPhone or any other mobile device. Paper looks great on all devices.

For the Writer in you

Paper was designed to help your content shine through beautiful typography. With generous white space and large legible fonts, you can?t go wrong. Your visitors will keep on reading and reading.

Customize Paper

Customize the accent color, all while seeing live the changes you?re making! You can upload a logo, choose an accent color, all with a live preview.

Translation Ready

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Vorbiti Limba Romana? There?s no problem in internationalizing your theme with the help of Paper. .po/.mo files included!


  • Big, Bold, Beautiful Typography
  • Responsive, Retina Ready Design
  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Enhanced for Performance ( 92 / 100 in Google PageSpeed )
  • Favicon support & custom logo
  • Focus on user experience, usability and performance
  • Well organized and commented code. SEO optimized
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Extensive documentation
  • Free basic Theme Support
  • Full Localisation Support (contains .po/.mo files)
  • Accent Color Control (via Color Picker)
  • Compatible with the Simple Social Icons Plugin.
  • Compatible with the ZillaLikes Plugin.
  • Compatible with the Contact Form 7.

Unfortunately, Paper is no longer supported by the theme maker.  That’s too bad, I kind of liked this theme.  but don’t worry, there are tons of options out there.

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WordPress Themes Kon/Cept Video, Masonry and Traditional Grid Portfolio Xin Themes

Here’s an interesting post by Templified. It’s called Kon/Cept Video, Masonry and Traditional Grid Portfolio and it’s all about Video.

koncept wordpress modernportfolio theme

Kon/Cept is a WordPress portfolio theme that is as uncomplicated as it is clean and modern, perfect for a wide variety of uses.  KON/CEPT WordPress theme offers a modern and very creative style to help you show off your video content, regardless of what sort of video you are into. It is an engaging design, giving an excellent first impression and a fantastic user experience, assisting you to develop the finest video portfolio you can. This theme tghough will be loved by any form of creative professional, it’s not alone for movement, cinematographers or videographers graphic designers. Advertising agencies, creative professionals of any discipline and freelancers also, will adore the way this theme absolutely frames their work. That is because KON/CEPT is a straightforward, almost minimalist theme, that can look fantastic regardless of what your branding is loke. The masonry portfolio makes for an excellent way to get your endeavors detected. The most up-to-date code helps this theme load quickly, so even videos or large pictures will load up quick. Since viewers and readers are increasingly impatient when it comes to load times, that is important. KON/CEPT is absolutely responsive in every way also, resulting in an excellent user experience on any kind of device.

Here’s a detailed look at that front page.  Nice looking layout, great grid design.  Similar to a lot of themes in our WordPress grid theme collection.

Wordpress Grid Portfolio Koncept

Here’s a blog post.  Simple, clean, nice to look at, easy to navigate.  It’s a solid blog, very simple but not a lot of flash to it.  It might not be for everybody.  If you want to see some more minimalist themes, try this collection.


And here we have the eCommerce page.  Great with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads or your eCommerce cart plugin of choice.

You are an artist, not necessarily a web designer or a coder. That’s why KON/CEPT is ideal for setting up a portfolio. It makes you more hours to create your artistic vision, and you’ll spend less time trying to find out how exactly to code your website. And if you desire to set up an online shop, KON/CEPT has you covered with support that is perfect for WooCommerce, the top free shopping cart plugin for WordPress.  If Kon/Cept isn’t quite what you had in mind, for more amazing WordPress video themes, we’ve got an entire collection of some of the very best.

As for the features, let’s take a look at the rundown.

A few of the features:

  • Unique design
  • Fully responsive
  • Retina ready
  • Masonry portfolio
  • Custom layout types & animation styles
  • Modular grid
  • Support for WooCommerce
  • Creative blog style
  • Interactive contact maps
  • Page builder
  • Translatable and RTL ready
  • 37 pages manual
  • Valid HTML5 code
  • Blazing fast

So, what do you think.  Simple, easy to use but flexible enough for a lot of different sites.  The blog isn’t probably robust enough to use as a standard, traditional blog site though, I guess that’s the only drawback for this theme.  If you are looking for a blog, like a personal blog template, try this collection.

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WordPress Themes Hellen, Stylish, Responsive Option Filled WordPress Theme Xin Themes

Here’s an interesting post by Templified. It’s called Hellen, Stylish, Responsive Option Filled WordPress Theme and it’s all about Minimalist, WooCommerce.

This is Hellen, a simple but deceptively powerful WordPress theme, ideal for magazines or portfolios, blogs and websites that wish to sell products online.  A true multipurpose theme with a simple, straightforward and modern layout, easy navigation that makes it a snap for your visitors to get to the content they want to see. If you want a theme that works with Visual Composer, you’re in luck, because Hellen does that and more.  This responsive theme will give you the ability to create any kind of layout you want, since VC’s drag and drop interface allows you to put the content modules you want, where you want them.  Fonts, colors, shopping carts…they can all be swapped and customized at your leisure.

Full Feature List

WordPress 4.7 ready and continue to be compatible with newer versions of WordPress

Dummy Data included to setup same as demo site

100% Responsive, looks great on all devices. Touch & Swipe Friendly for mobile devices.

Off Canvas Menu for mobile devices. View live demo.

Retina-ready: Hellen uses icon font library so your site always look sharp on all retina devices like Macbook Pro, iPad, iPhone…

Translation Ready: Hellen contains *pot file in languages directory, that allows you to translate this theme into your own language.

Clean Code & Child theme included (easy to adapt)

Elegant & Clean Design with “Simplicity” in mind

WooCommerce compatible: You can setup a shop to sell anything with Hellen. WooCommerce is totally free and is the most popular shop plugin for WordPress. Visit sample shop.

Sticky Navigation with option ON/OFF

Mega Menu & Third-dropdown navigation supported

Header Layouts: Hellen allows you to customize your header as you want. View some header examples:

  • Standard Header
  • Dark Header
  • Center Logo
  • Stack Header
  • No Topbar

Boxed & Wide Layout: View sample boxed layout.

Live Customizer with 150+ options: You’re totally free to change font face, color, font weight/font-style as well as text transform… of common elements like body text, menu, heading, copyright… It’s super flexible withou touching a line of code.

Google Fonts Dropdown Select from Customizer: All Google Fonts in the library are ready to use.

Self-hosted font: If you have a custom font, you need only *woff file then upload to Hellen, it works automatically.

Save $19 with Slider Revolution included: Slider Revolution is the most popular and the best slider at the moment with more than 1 million of people using it. All sliders come with importable zip file so you can adapt and setup your own slider same as demo.

Save $34 with Visual Composer included. Visual Composer is the most popular page builder with more than 1 million of people using it. Hellen comes with extra elements to help you build your site even easier.

Beautiful Portfolio: Building a showcase with Hellen is super easy. You can customize Portfolio slug, column layout, image ratio and hover effect…

  • Portfolio 4 Columns
  • Portfolio 3 Columns
  • 2 Columns Example
  • Portfolio Fullwidth

Various blog layouts:

  • Standard Blog
  • Grid Blog
  • Grid Blog – 3 Columns
  • Grid Blog – 4 Columns
  • Masonry Blog
  • Masonry Blog – 3 Columns
  • Masonry Blog – 4 Columns
  • List Blog
  • List Blog Style 2

Post Formats: Standard, Gallery, Video. Hellen automatically gets video thumbnail from YouTube & Vimeo for video posts

Widgets included with Hellen:

  • MailChimp for WordPress
  • Hellen – Recent Instagram Photos
  • Hellen – Image Widget built-in with native WordPress media upload for banner, advertisement and about me widget.
  • Hellen – Post List, shows your recent posts with category select option.
  • Hellen – Social List, shows your social icons
  • Hellen – Recent Projects, shows your latest projects in a grid.

Useful & Creative Content Dock widget: You can add any widget into Content Dock area. Content Dock will be shown when visitors reach to site footer.

  • Instagram in Content Dock
  • Content Form in Content Dock
  • Social Profiles in Content Dock
  • Mailchimp Popup in Content Dock
  • About Text in Content Dock
  • Recent Posts in Content Dock
  • Reent Posts style 2
  • A Banner in Content Dock

Contact Form 7 supported: The most popular contact form plugin ever.

Extensive Builder Elements:

  • Styled Buttons
  • Contact Form 7
  • Creative Counter
  • Embed almost anything: Facebook Posts, Tweets… You can check the list of things can be embeded here
  • Gallery: You can build your great gallery several gallery styles. Gallery can also pulls photos from Instagram to display as a grid.
  • Built-in nice Google Map
  • Styled Heading Element with various options.
  • Styled Icon box
  • Imagebox
  • Mailchimp Element with stack or inline layout
  • Styled Progress Bar
  • Many post layouts: grid, masonry, list, slider to build news blocks or even a magazine.
  • Quotes & Testimonials
  • Row & Sections with extensive options by Hellen
  • Touch – Swipe Slider powered by Royal Slider – super sleek slider.

Unlimited Colors from Live Customizer. You can change colors for almost things: topbar, header, menu, footer, text color…

Full set of Social Icons: More than 40+ social icons included with most popular websites such as facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, pinterest…

Comprehensive page layouts: Fullwidth, sidebar left, sidebar right

Beautiful Lightbox: Responsive image lightbox customized from Magnific Popup of dimsemenov & Royal Slider

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If you’d like to see more simple, modern and minimalist themes for WordPress blogs, check out our collection.

WordPress Photography Themes, Images, Galleries, Photo Albums By Themeit

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WordPress Themes Core Video Xin Themes

Here’s an interesting post by Templified. It’s called Core Video and it’s all about Video.

The Core has made our list of WordPress video themes, and we really think it’s among the best.  If you’d like to know more, check out that link.  The Core is a very strong, multifaceted WP theme with over  dozen distinct versions based on what type of company you are in. I am advocating this variation for a video or multimedia company that is creative, but you may enjoy it for any kind of company from web design to program development or even as a slick looking WordPress portfolio page. The layout is sharp, entertaining and creative, perfect for showing off a variety of jobs, whether they are graphical or video pictures. There is a built in visual page builder, a boatload of options that are easy to change theme, it is not WooCommerce incompatible and comes with demo content, to help you get your website ready to go fast. Simply swap in your own content and you are ready to rock and roll.

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WordPress Themes Leviate, Professional, Simple HTML5 WordPress Theme Xin Themes

Here’s an interesting post by Templified. It’s called Leviate, Professional, Simple HTML5 WordPress Theme and it’s all about Bootstrap, Portfolio.

Leviate is a really delightful, glorious looking responsive HTML5 based WordPress theme featuring a clean and retina ready design suitable for any studio, creative or personal use.  I really love the look of this theme and the features are out of this world, totally widgetized, very cleanly coded, based on a delicious design and really well supported.  All in all, it’s a true premium theme.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the theme comes packed with the most useful elements, all hand coded using the latest Web Standards. Using only a very minimum number of external images for the layout, this theme assures an optimal user experience on any platform.

Leviate portfolio theme for WordPress

Built with compliant HTML5 code on the Bootstrap 3 framework, the Leviate WordPress theme offers fully responsive styling, retina-ready graphic capabilities and the most innovative customization options found for a single page modern website.

The simplicity of this theme belies its considerable power. It loads quickly, looks great on all monitors and screen sizes and offers inmate search engine optimization benefits. Levitate also offers complete integration with international translation plug-ins so your company can better reach the global market.  Leviate is a great portfolio theme, but if you want more, we’ve added a whole collection of the best portfolio themes for WordPress for you to check into.

This multipurpose WordPress theme features amazing parallax scrolling style, great for making a really unique and fun impression on your website’s visitors.  Create anything you can imagine, giving you all the tools necessary to make that great first impression.

With an innovative design fitting everything you need into just one page, you can create dynamic, bold and interesting websites with custom sections, tons of flexibility in content placement and widgetized areas to make your site as dynamic and capable as it can be.

This theme was also built on Bootstrap 3, which is the latest technology and it’s rock solid.  they call it a head start on building a website and that’s really what it’s meant to be.  the level of care that went into the coding of this theme is very high, so you can rest easy that it’s going to work great for all websites. The code is clean and it’s powerful.  That’s fantastic.

Since it’s totally responsive, Leviate looks great on all devices and with the update cycle behind Bootstrap, it’s going to continue to improve in all ways.

There are tons of great short codes included too, which make it simple to add new features and functions to your website.  That goes hand in hand with all the widgets that are included, useful and powerful little code snippets that help add functions.

Finally, if you need great support, Leviate is totally supported with timely updates and help if you should run into problems dealing with your website.

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WordPress Themes Blog Home Xin Themes

Here’s an interesting post by Templified. It’s called Blog Home and it’s all about Blog, Portfolio.

BlogHome WordPress Theme


Blog Home is the new sensational WordPress theme for blogs. It helps in writing and sharing blogs of different genres. Its features are:

  • It is provided with a great slider and three featured boxes under slider.

  • The admin panel is a friendly one.

  • The one click demo importer helps in importing pages, posts, sliders or widgets at a single click.

  • It comes with as many as five different layouts for blogs, viz. Standard Blog Layout, List Layout, 1st Full Post then List Layout, Grid Layout and 1st Full Post then Grid Layout.

  • There are a number of posts formats such as standard posts, video posts, gallery posts and music posts.

  • It loads at a very high speed and hence does not waste your precious time.

  • It comes with various plugins such as simple Facebook plugin, Instagram Widget plugin and Simple Form 7 plugin.

  • It includes both online and offline documentation.

  • You will get help from the Themecomics Pro Support staff throughout the process and may also undertake video tutorials.

  • The smart and trendy design is ideal for all bloggers of the day.  WordPress Grid Themes, Masonry Blog, Image Galleries and Portfolios

  • It is compatible with different browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome and Edge.

  • Anyone can design using it provided he or she has WordPress skills. No coding skils are required.

  • The personal demo in a boxed mode can work in the classic screen size.

  • There is a fine slider accompanied with classic promo boxes.

  • It is SEO optimized, so you can get this theme online in a hurry, building traffic at cheetah speed.

  • There are different widgets such as Featured Posts Widget, Recent Posts Widget, Social Icons Widget and About Me widget.

So, bloggers….get ready to have an enhanced blogging experience with this theme!

Setup Folio, Creative Agency Theme Using Visual Composer

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WordPress Themes TechBlog Xin Themes

Here’s an interesting post by Templified. It’s called TechBlog and it’s all about Magazine.

TechBlog, from, is a classically styled news and WordPress magazine theme that would also work very well for an online WordPress magazine or digital periodical.  Themes have names, and TechBlog’s name suggests, I think this one would be great for any sort of high-tech blog.  Top-notch WordPress magazine themes like this come along once, maybe twice in a lifetime.  Maybe SEO, WordPress news, the latest info about cool gadgets and electronics.  TechBlog has responsive design and an attractive featured post slideshow to keep visitors interested and to increase your site’s stickiness.

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