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WordPress Theme Collections

Best WordPress GPL Themes

WordPress GPL Themes

This collection of GPL themes is a wonderful place to begin your search for a perfect WordPress theme.  GPL licences allow you do do basically anything you want, you can even resell these themes.  Take them apart and put them back together, see how the developer did their work.


StoryBlog, WordPress GPL Theme

Story Blog is a nice looking theme that’s ideal for setting up a highly visual website, it gives you a wonderful platform for all kinds of blogs.

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Underwood GPL Licensed WordPress Theme

Underwood is a name of a typewriter and it’s the name of a GPL theme that’s great for blogs.

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Fenix Multipurpose Open Source GPL Theme

Fenix is a GPL licensed WordPress theme that has lovely features and lots of style.  Great for eCommerce websites.

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Full Frame

Full Frame WordPress Fullscreen GPL Template

Full Frame is another awesome GPL theme.

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Magfolio, Magazine Portfolio Theme, GPL Licensed

Wow, Magfolio is a WooCommerce theme with a cool, flat style.  Great for portfolios and blogs, as well as eCommerce sites for selling all kinds of cool stuff.

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Monument Valley

Monument Valley, Simple, Reliable, Versatile WordPress GPL Theme

Monument Valley is a simple, attractive blog theme for many types of uses.

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Zelle Pro

Zelle Pro, WordPress GPL Landing Page Theme

Zelle Pro is a clean, simple and well organized WordPress theme that’s great for one page business websites.

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Elegance Pro

Elegance Pro, Minimalist Genesis Framework GPL Theme

Elegance Pro is a premium quality blog theme with a GPL license and tons of great features.  It’s a perfect way to set up a GPL based website.

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Turka GPL Licensed WordPress Theme

GPL is the license that you get when you buy this theme.  It’s called Turka and it’s a clean theme for any type of business.

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Reel Story

Reel Story GPL Licensed WordPress Theme

Reel Story is perfect for video and portfolios, it’s a simple and well done theme,

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The Thinker

The Thinker, Simple GPL Licenced WordPress Theme

The Thinker is a smart GPL theme that could be ideal for making a classic blog page.

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If you’re looking for more themes like this one, try this collection.

WordPress Theme Collections

Best WordPress Typography Themes

Best WordPress Typography Themes

Typography is an important aspect of any site.  Selecting the right font and laying it out in an interesting way can seal the deal when it comes to providing a great user experience.  Unfortunately, many websites overlook this critical component of building a website.  For image heavy blogs, maybe you can get away with it, but if you’re creating a text heavy blog site, the right typography separates average sites from great ones.

But there are so many websites out there, selecting a great looking template can be tricky.  We’re here to help you out with a collection of absolute winners.  These themes are some of the best typography WordPress themes around and any one of them can help make your website look great, delivering amazing content that your readers will love.


WordPress Typography Themes

H-Code is a clean, powerful, responsive and attractive WordPress theme that is great for online stores, businesses and creative websites. The typography in this theme is absolutely breathtaking, it allows you to create great looking websites like no other template before it. The designs are modern, the typography is there to match. This developer has years of experience and I believe that they have created one of the best creative themes around, particularly he is bold type ography is your thing.

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KonCept WordPress Responsive Typography Based Blog Theme

Kon/Cept is a really unique portfolio theme, focused on elegant minimalism, typography and simplicity. This theme is created with a modular concept, it has a really amazing looking masonry grid portfolio layout and it’s packed with other useful features. If you need features, options and shortcodes, this theme has plenty. It also supports woocommerce to let you sell products online. If you want to change up the typography from the standard version that is included, it’s very easy to completely customize this template.

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Crate is another simple WordPress theme, minimalist InDesign but it’s got a really neat use of typography. The font is particularly small, giving your website a really modern feel. Crate is very simple to use and incredibly simple to customize.the life customizer let you see changes in real time as you make them, this theme is completely translatable into any language and there’s a one-click demo importer to get you stylin and profilin quickly.

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Clean Photo

Clean Photo, Portfolio Theme with Bold Typography

Clean Photo is a professional photography portfolio theme that balance interesting typography with bold imagery. All you have to do is supply the energy and you’re going to get a result that I think you’ll be pleased with. Clean Photo include slider revolution, visual composer and a couple other premium plug-ins for free. I think the headers are distinctive and interesting, you get several different slider options and the integrated blog uses the same great-looking typography set up to produce a clean and attractive website for any photographer.

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The M, Blog With Cool Font Use

The M is a blog and magazine theme with a minimal style that produces creative results. The typography is just part of the attraction of this theme, it’s well-designed and perfect for lifestyle blogs, personal blogs and travel blogs. I think that you’re going to love these smooth operation of this team and the sophistication of every page that you create. this beautiful WordPress theme uses a very interesting font that I don’t see on very many sites, but you can always change that up if you decide you don’t want to use the pre-made look.

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Moment, Typography Concentrated magazine Theme

Moment is a smart, modern magazine theme with a fun, distinctive typography set up. The homepage is very attractive, it’s a perfect blend of images and text, giving you several different ways to attract the attention of your visitors. Having the most important stories on your website up front and center, that’s always a great way to get people deeper into your site to learn more about what you have written. Moment is a modern magazine theme that goes the extra mile in terms of flexibility and customization options.

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Milo, Minimalist Writer's Typography WordPress Theme


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No Sidebar Pro

No Sidebar Pro Clean, Ultra Minimal Typography Theme


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Grace Under Pressure

Grace Under Pressure, Writing and Typography Theme


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Tabor Typography Theme, Minimal Style


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Gonjjo WordPress Typographic Theme


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WordPress Themes

Massive Dynamic WP Theme

Massive Dynamic Full Screen Creative Theme

This is Massive.  This is Dynamic.  Put them together and you’ve got Massive Dynamic, a wonderful WordPress theme for business and eCommerce.

Massive Dynamic is one of the most popular WordPress themes around. I think that they’re are quite a number of reasons that that might be the case, The Bold and highly functional design being one of them. I say design, but what I really mean is design. This comes with over seventy different pre-styled demo pages and 40 entirely different layouts.

You also get 500 or more unique page designs. Using the included page builder, you can add your own if you decide that you want to do that. But, it’s a real time saving device to Simply use a premade page or an entirely pre-made site. Don’t worry, you can always customize everything so that your site looks unique. The last thing you want is to have a website that looks exactly like one of your competitors. Massive Dynamic makes it so that that is not going to happen.

This WooCommerce ready theme allows you to build stylish online shops to sell any type of product that you could imagine. There are hundreds of theme options that are easy to adjust and manipulate, giving you I really well styled website that looks great on all devices.

That’s because Massive Dynamic is also completely responsive, something that all websites should strive for. The user experience that Massive Dynamic delivers is one that is going to keep people coming back for more and it’s going to help build a lot of trust in your brand. Branding is all important these days, with Ecommerce, there are so many different websites out there, you certainly don’t want your site to look like it is cheaply produced or a fly-by-night company. That’s the last thing on people’s minds when they see a site that was constructed using this template.

Massive Dynamic is one of my favorite themes overall and I certainly recommend it for anyone who wants a fabulous looking website and wants it quickly.  Thanks!

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WordPress Theme Collections

Best WordPress Video Blog Themes

Video Blog WordPress Themes

Looking for a sweet little blog theme for video?  If you’re making a magazine website or you’re a video blogger, this collection of themes has what it takes to get the most out of your time.  It’s a very simple list of the absolute best magazine and blog themes for video sites.  Here’s what we like most.

To see more themes like this one, visit our new website, Templified.  It’s going to be a better place for all of the video themes you need for your website.

Grand Magazine Video Blog WordPress Theme

Grand Magazine WordPress Adsense Ready Theme

Simple, beautiful, easy to use and very easy to install, Grand Magazine is a nice little video blog WordPress theme.

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VideoFly Video Blog WordPress Theme

Video Fly, WordPress Video Blog and Magazine Theme

With VideoFly, you can create a really stunning video website to show the world all the videos that you’ve created.

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Olivie Video Blog WordPress Theme

Olivie Feminine Women's Fashion and eCommerce Theme

Olivie is a WordPress video blog theme with a feminine style, it was created by a developer called BluChic and they are one of the best at developing feminine themes. Now, they have a video blog theme that you were looking at.

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Videozoom Video Blog WordPress Theme

VideoZoom WordPress Video Blog Theme

Videozoom presents your video content in a really fun and interesting way. Videozoom is a video blogging WordPress theme that has a lot of features that you’re going to love to take advantage of.

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Create Video Blog WordPress Theme

Create, WordPress Responsive Video Blog and Portfolio Theme

Create 2.0 is a full-featured blog, magazine and portfolio theme that also supports woocommerce. With this Devine, you will be able to create a video blog website that has all the features that you want in a web template. It’s very simple to use and easy to make great looking sites.

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Materialism Video Blog WordPress Theme

Materialism, Responsive WordPress Video Agency Theme

With a creative, material design style, this video blog theme is perfect for websites that want all the features of a video magazine with not much of the associated cost. This theme is cheap, it’s easy to set up and you can be online and blogging quickly.

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Studio 8 Video Blog WordPress Theme

Studio 8, Creative WordPress Video Blogger Theme

video is quite popular these days, seems like studio 8 do a great job of allowing you to present video blog posts in a professional and stylish way. Making your readers have the time of their lives, that’s what is the theme is all about.

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Brooklyn Video Blog WordPress Theme

Brooklyn Premium WordPress Video Blog Theme

This video blogging theme is called Brooklyn, it is a creative one-page portfolio and blog theme that perfectly handles self-hosted videos as well as embedded videos.

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Ultra Video Blog WordPress Theme

Ultra WordPress Video Blog and Magazine Template


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Inspiro Video Blog WordPress Theme

Inspiro, Artistic Video Blogging WordPress Theme

Ultra is the name of this video blog WordPress theme, it is a full-featured, premium theme with several different pre-made demo styles that can really get things started. Making an interesting website is going to be quite simple using the ultra WordPress theme.

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Primero Video Blog WordPress Theme

Primero, Old School Video Blog Theme

Primero is a WordPress theme that has been around the block a few times, but it’s still going strong.

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Immense Video Blog WordPress Theme

Immense WordPress Video Gallery and Photography Portfolio Theme

Immense delivers a great-looking, full screen layout that I was taking the world by storm. With the immense WP theme, you will never find yourself lacking for impressive features or Elegant style. This theme has a whole lot going for it.

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Video Pro Video Blog WordPress Theme

VideoPro WordPress Youtube Clone Theme

videopro is a classic, this theme gives you a true magazine-style but it’s also great for bloggers. With Video Pro, you get all the features that you would expect from a premium video magazine theme. This is one of the best sellers out there, it is well supported and well-documented, the list of features is impressive and thousands of others will be there right by your side as you take the journey of building a video blog.

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We’ll be back very soon with more outstanding video WordPress blog themes so stay tuned!  If you’d like to see our main collection of WordPress video themes, check this out.